December 1993

Lynn and I traveled to Florida in our motorhome. We went down 75 to Knoxville, then took 640 to 40 and went down 26 through the Carolinas and into Florida then down A1A. This route is very scenic through the mountains and along the shore. We would have taken 441 through the Smokey Mountain State Park but due to icy conditions, chickened out. In Savannah, Georgia we stopped to eat at the Pirates House, which is the oldest building in Georgia.

In Florida we stayed at Jetty Campgrounds in Cape Canaveral. The campground was on the ocean where cruise ships from Carnival, Premier and Sea Escape were starting their voyages. Also in the water, was dolphins.

One day we went to the Kennedy Space Center and took a tour of the complex, which is also a 140,000 acre wildlife sanctuary. We saw the launch pads, a space shuttle replica and the crawlers that move the shuttles. In sight of the tour bus was a huge alligator named George, armadillos and manu birds.

After spending three days in the 60 degree weather we headed across the state on route 4 through Orlando to Oscar Scherer State Park which is a little North of Venice Beach in the Gulf. The weather there was in the 70s, so off to the beach. The water was cold for us to swim so we gathered sharks teeth. The area has the most concentrated amount of fossilized sharks teeth in the U.S.

We stayed in the area for four days going to the beach and checking out a few restaurants like Sharkys on the Pier, The Oyster Bar of Phillipi Creek and Pops Restaurant. All had good food, and we were always eating the seafood, also most had good views of the water.

Our trip home was fairly uneventful except for a blown inside rear tire while leaving Florida and watching a car burn up in the mountains of Tennessee (we did give him our fire extinguisher, as did two other vehicles, one of which was the police, but to no avail).

Gas prices on the road were from 99.9 to 74.9 per gallon; not bad until you consider we went almost 3,000 miles in a vehicle that gets a little over 8 miles per gallon.

Next year I think we'll try the keys so we can do some snorkeling and swimming.