December 1995

Lynn, my mom and I traveled to the Florida Keys in our motorhome. We went down 75 with one detour to the Smokey Mountain State Park on route 441. When we got into the state park, 441 was closed, so we had to backtrack about 1.5 hours. We left Michigan by 3:00, and Dayton by 7:00. By 1:15 a.m. we were in Tennessee and stayed at a Waffle House parking lot, which was the 3rd or 4th exit in Tennessee.

My estimated travel times From Chelsea, Michigan to the Keys taking I75 is about 25 hours. Michigan 1 hour, Ohio 4 hours, Kentucky 3 hours, Tennessee 3 hours, Georgia 6 hours, Florida 8 hours.

Our first campground we stayed at was Lazy Lakes at MM20, we stayed for 3 days here and had a very nice holiday meal where everyone brought a dish to pass and the campground provided ham and turkey. The weather was 13 degreews colder than normal 62-65 degrees while we were here. The Stiefels (in mourning) arrived one day later. There wasn't a lot to do in the area but Key West is close and we explored one night.

Our second campground we stayed at was Sunshine Campground on Ohio Key, almost across the street from Bahia Honda State Park at MM38. The campground is huge and impersonal so we crossed the seven mile bridge north into Marathon Key. There we ate at a thai/chinese restaurant twice and ate 5 cent wings at a place called Faro Blanco/Angler Bar, about MM53. We bought some Jimmy Buffet Ts and broused a few shops.

Our third campground was our old faithful from last trip, America Outdoors at MM97.5 in Key Largo. This was our favorite because of friendliness, happy hours at the Quay (MM103), Pilot House, The Marlin, etc. We looked at property at Moon Bay MM104 and liked unit 401A. We made an offer and it was accepted, so now we own in Key Largo. Weather was back in the 70-80s, when we were in Key Largo.

We left on Wednesday morning and took our time coming back. We stopped in Georgia the first night, Corbin Kentucky at a KOA campground we were at the year before. Then Fiday night in Ohio and spent some time with my sister Sandy.

The lowest gas prices were in Georgia 85.9 per gallon. We filled up with gas at prices of 1.01 in Ohio, 89.9 in Georgia, 107.9 in the Keys and Michigan.