Asia is our next possible cruise, Nov. 15 - Dec. 10, 2024

On Nov. 23, 2023 Lynn saw a good sale on Norwegian Cruise Lines, so we put a hold on an Asia cruise, with most stops in Japan. The sale ended black Friday Nov. 24th, so that day I checked the cruises before and after to see if a longer cruise on the same ship might be good, to see more areas, since we will travel so far. It was, so we reserved room #9611 (an inside room) on both cruises. This is another splurge for us to enjoy life. You never know how long you will have your health and feel comfortable to explore the world.

The sale included two for one airfare and our price was $8,225 (cruise $5,816, airfare $1,208 and transfers $250, Gov tax/Port Exp/Fees $951.28). Tips will be in addition later. The person we were working with said we both have multiple accounts and they needed to merge them before we could put down a deposit. Our last Norwegian cruise, they said the same thing, so this was a little frustrating. Lynn got a call Nov. 25th, following up on our original hold and Kathy, who was more knowledgable, was able to put our cruise credits (we purchased on our last cruise) as deposits for each cruise. It was nice to use our two $250 prepaid cruise deposits that we purchased on our last cruise. Now we are set until final payments, which are due in July 2024.

This will be interesting for me as my parents lived at: 390 Futoo-machi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan in 1957 (may have changed names to: 390 Okurayama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Japan) while my father was in the service. I remember of my sister wandering off and ending near railroad tracks, with someone giving her an octopus leg to eat. Hopefully we will be able to go see the house/area when we are at one of our stops.
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NCL Spirit is an old ship, built in 1998. It was refurbished in 2022. Our last cruise was on this ship and it was fairly nice, but you could see its age. We will check out possibly upgrading to an oceanview or balcony room later, but pricing was at least double, at the time of our booking. We also investigated transfering our reservation to Costco travel as they also give onboard credits or cash cards when they are your travel agent, but Lynn read it is not possible when airfare is booked by Norwegian.



More to come, if or when we confirm and plan more.

(we also have to plan on who would watch the cat)

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