Movies, Florida Keys, Wildlife 2007

Movies of Dolphins, Manattee, Roseate Spoonbill, Pip the cat, etc.

Below are movies from our vacation in Key Largo in Dec. 2007. We stayed at the sanctuary, and while boating saw a lot of wildlife, seeing dolphins at least three different times, manatees twice, iguanas in trees, blue crabs, and the Roseate Spoonbill up close. We also went to Little Palm Island and to our fiends Dwight and Jan's house.

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35 meg Movie


20.3 meg Movie


31.2 meg Movie

Dolphins from the boat

21.7 meg Movie


18.9 meg Movie

Iguana in a tree

16.3 meg Movie

Brunch at Little Palm

11.5 meg Movie

Little Palm waiting

6.1 meg Movie

Little Palm

14.3 meg Movie


7.2 meg Movie

Roseate Spoonbill

16.3 meg Movie

Justin on guitar

We got a new pet in Jan. 2008. Her name is Pip, short for Pipsqueek. She is a real ball of energy, and as these movies show, likes to retrieve her balls, just like dogs do. Unfortunately, these movies are both over 50 megs, so unless you have a very fast connection, the wait could be unbearable.

50 meg Movie

Pip the fetching cat

52 meg Movie

Pip in a slightly longer movie