Joann Ethel Dils Joann E. Dils, 5/18/1935 - 3/5/2006
Daughter of Martha Jane Simpson (daughter of Abraham Hayes Simpson and Ruhama Catherine Kreitzer)
and Everett Ellsworth Milburn (son of Charles Milburn and Ethel Teach)

Older sister of Connie Jane Guess of Jamestown, OH

Mother to Sandra Jo Dils of Englewood, OH and Jeffrey Edward Dils of Chelsea, MI

Grandmother to Crystal Bohse, and Sooner Brooks-Heath
Great-Grandmother to Tyler, Austin & Collin

Mom went in for a whipple operation on July 25, 2005. This was after her C19 (cancer marker test) showed a higher than normal level, and she had been feeling a very slight pain occasionally through the year. When she went in for a whipple procedure, they discovered it had spread to the liver.